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Press Profiles

Apr 19, 2023

Many people have seen the HBO show, “Industry.” Alice Fulwood has lived it. Before landing at The Economist, the now-venerable Wall Street reporter was “working hard and playing” hard on the trading floor at a London investment bank…until she made what she calls, “the only decision she’s ever made.” That decision? A leap into journalism, starting with an internship at The Economist. And as they say, from there, the rest is history. Now a well-known (and as she says, hopefully not too scary) reporter covering all things Wall Street, Alice is tackling everything from quant funds and Artificial Intelligence to crypto, the big banks, and anything and everything that touches finance in the Americas. Alice and I talk about all of that, plus some more about those early days on the trading floor, the “conversation curfew” she had to set with husband, NFTs, podcasting, octopus tacos, and of course, a whole lot more.